Improve the quality of life of older and the less fortunate  people of Rothwell, Desborough and the surrounding villages.

We aim, in everything we do, to:

This is achieved by:

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Who We Are

The Vine Community Trust, registered charity 287717, was formed in 1983. Its objective at that time was the relief of the elderly, sick and disabled and to promote education, training and rehabilitation to the needy people in Desborough, Rothwell and surrounding villages.

Our basic principles have remained the same but we have grown during the last 30 plus years and extended our services with the growing need of the local population and by working in partnership with local authorities who fund us with grants totalling approximately 15% of our unrestricted income.

We now supply services ‘in house’ such as disabled bathing facilities and wheelchair accessible transportation.

We supply meals on wheels service 365 days per year.

The first floor community function room, with lift access, is now available for hire.

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Marlow House

Our Mission is to…...

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