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“My Nan started attending Marlow House in March 2013. This is now a big part of her life as she only sat in the house day in and day out, as me and Mum work full time. She had no friends in Desborough as she originally came from Brigstock. When she attends Marlow House she gets a two course meal, hot drinks and plenty of activities. She also has a bath once a week which is done by the staff. Since she has been at Marlow House she has made some very good friends who she has a good natter with and staff are very kind and do a good job”.

“I can’t remember exactly when my parents began attending Marlow House, but I do know they enjoyed the time they spent there. They attended for 3 days a week. It was an opportunity for them to get out and socialise as my father’s mobility was at a level whereby he could no longer drive and get out and about. He was a very sociable character and looked forward to chatting to others and having a bath, as my parents only had a shower at home.

When my father passed away I found myself in desperate need of support in order to care for my mother. She was a ‘homebird’ and it took much persuasion to get her to attend Marlow House for 5 days a week. When she agreed, what a difference it made! She looks forward to attending to chat to the friends she has made and old friends she has met again. She enjoys taking part in the activities and is chuffed to bits when she wins a prize. It gives me great peace of mind to know that mum is out of the 4 walls of her house and enjoying herself and thereby reducing her isolation. I know that she has had a hot meal and as there is transport to Marlow House it means that I do not have to worry about getting her to and from there.

To me Marlow House is a godsend and to my mother it is a lifeline. We are both very grateful for its existence and all the hard work done by the members of staff and volunteers that make Marlow House the special place that it is. Thank you.”

“I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to all the staff and volunteers for all their kindness shown to me for the last 3 years. I also thank you for my lovely dinners, and look forward every week to my day at Marlow House.

“I would like to take this time to thank you all for taking me on at your establishment and to thank all your staff for taking their time to help me and support me through my time at Marlow House. I have had a great experience looking into how things work around the place and how things are done. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity because it has given me skills and experience I can use in the future.

I’m learning new things every day like, how to manage different people/situations. How/when to do things around the place and being given the confidence to use my initiative and to just let loose and be myself and to be considerate of others.

Again , I would like to thank you ever so much for giving me this opportunity to gain experience and knowledge. I hope I have contributed all that was needed of me and more.”

Work Experience Student, June 2013

“Our Mum has been coming to Marlow House for about 2 years now. To start with Mum only went one day a week, but now goes every day. It’s been a comfort to us knowing she has somewhere she loves going. Mum has made lots of new friends. Mum has only lived in Desborough for 5 years, and started going to Marlow House after our Dad died 3 years ago. Mum and dad were a very close couple and it worried us that Mum would be on her own in her bungalow for too many hours by herself. Since going to Marlow House Mum comes home and tells us what activities she’s done and also how lovely her lunch was. Mum tells us how hard all the staff and volunteers work to give them all a lovely day at Marlow House. Mum loves the Coffee Mornings, raffles and Race Nights. I go with Mum to Coffee Mornings and the Race Nights. I can’t praise the staff and volunteers enough for all the hard work  they do. Nothing is too much trouble and there’s always a warm welcome to everyone who goes to Marlow House.

Going to Marlow House keeps Mum’s mind active and for us to know that Mum is well cared for and safe has been a lifeline for us. Long may Marlow House continue.”

“My Mother has been coming to Marlow House for about 3 years. This has made a tremendous change in her life, from sitting in her flat all day on her own and not wanting to go out, to looking forward everyday to meeting friends, some she hasn’t seen for years. It is also keeping her mind active and she loves all the activities they do each day and rings us to tell us what has been going on.

The staff do a marvellous job taking her to the surgery for appointments, which helps me to continue working part-time, knowing she is well cared for.”

My Nan loved Marlow House, especially when it was Christmas. My donation is instead of buying Christmas Cards this year. It’s not much, but hope it helps.

This donation is coupled with our thanks for the recognition of the valuable work which the Staff, Trustees and your Executive deliver to the beneficiaries of the Trust in general and Marlow House in particular. The quality, kindness and dependability of your services and support for those in need in the community of Desborough, Rothwell and surrounding villages are highly commendable and second to none.

We wish Marlow house and all associated with it, continuing success and we trust the care and friendship that permeates from it, is enjoyed by the beneficiaries throughout the community.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Marlow House for providing meals for Mum over the past few years. It was our aim to keep Mum (who was 95 years young) in her own home for as long as it was possible. Between us, Carers and yourselves we did it!!!! I don’t think Mum ever missed one meal. Excellent service, thank you once again.

Many thanks for all you do in looking after Mum. You all do a great job.

To all Management and Staff. May we thank you all for the time and attention you have given to ourselves over the last months, may you all have a nice Christmas.

Every meal you bring me is lovely. I enjoy every one. Thank you very much indeed.

To all Marlow House staff and volunteers, thank you for all the support you have shown me during this last year.